Mammoet is working with Rietveld, a specialist in fleet management and vehicle and machine safety systems, on a joint project to protect drivers and road users when mobile cranes are moving and manoeuvring.

Mammoet trials 360-degree sensor system for its cranes

Source: Mammoet. 15/03/2024

The Dutch transport engineering specialist commissioned the project to assist its customers in meeting stricter safety regulations. The project combines three different safety technologies and testing is being carried out on one of Mammoet’s Liebherr LTM 1070-4.2 mobile cranes.

The three-tier 360-degree sensor system includes Rietveld’s OmniVue 360° camera. Using a combination of cameras installed on the crane’s chassis, it generates real-time first and third-person images of the vehicle. This gives the driver a full view from both inside and outside the cab, enabling them to see what pedestrians and other roads users are seeing.

The second tier adds a series of sensors that detect people and obstacles within an adjustable safety radius around the crane. When the sensors detect a potential hazard, an acoustic signal alerts the driver. An LED warning panel also displays the section of the crane where the motion was detected.

The final tier, the Halo, draws a light boundary on the floor around the crane, giving those nearby a clear visual indication of the safe zone around it. This is especially important at sites where hearing protection is required. The boundary can be switched on and off manually and is set to automatically turn off when a certain speed is reached. 

Ferdi Kivanc, project coordinator EMD at Mammoet, said: “By combining these three systems, Mammoet will improve safety, minimise accidents and damage, and give greater confidence to crane operators to create safer working environments. We see this as a comprehensive system that will not only enhance crane safety, but also operator training in the future. Initial tests are promising, and I am very proud of the results.”