April 29 - Liebherr unveiled its new LTC 1050-3.1 compact mobile crane at the Intermat 2015 exhibition in Paris.

The crane, which is the successor to the LTC 1045-3.1, uses an even stronger fine-grain structural steel and has improvements in the boom telescopes, meaning that load capacity has been increased but the dimensions have stayed almost identical.

For driving on the road, the cab is moved to the front of the vehicle using a telescopic arm. In this position the crane driver has better visibility and a good driving position, particularly at high speed, says Liebherr

Due to its rear axle steering, the LTC 1050-3.1 has good lane stability at high speed and is very manoeuvrable at low speed. The vehicle dimensions and turning circle radius have not changed compared with its predecessor. The chassis length is 8.9 m and can be reduced to 7.7 m by removing the front storage box. 

The new crane's gross weight of 36 tonnes and axle weight of 12 tonnes includes the entire 6.5-tonne counterweight, double folding jib, 445/95 R25 tyres, Telma eddy current brakes, 6x6 drive, and hook block. Liebherr says that this means the 50-tonne capacity crane is immediately ready for use when it arrives on site.

The strong telescopic cylinder and the correspondingly enhanced crane controller on the LTC 1050-3.1 allow heavy loads to be telescoped, which Liebherr says is particularly beneficial for installation work in factory buildings.

The 7.5 m to 13 m double folding jib includes a 1.5 m assembly jib which can be set to an angle of up to 60 degrees. The crane manufacturer explained that the assembly jib and an optional second winch make the LTC 1050-3.1 ideal for assembly work in very constricted areas and in low industrial buildings.