Peinemann Mobilift Group has acquired industrial relocation specialist G. van Harten. 

Ad Kornet, ceo of Peinemann, said: “We are very happy with this addition to our service package. G. van Harten specialises in industrial relocations and has lift systems of up to 1,100 tonnes at its disposal. Peinemann works worldwide, from Dubai to New Orleans. We have international ambitions to put the unique knowledge and skills of G. van Harten on the map, where they are not yet active.”

According to Judith van Harten, daughter of the company’s founder Gert van Harten, the market for industrial relocation is becoming more demanding and requires more investment. She added: “Together, we can handle more and larger projects. For example, we have transported a complete asphalt plant in parts from Venlo in the Netherlands to Antwerp in Belgium and we are placing many transformers in residential areas for energy supply. "

The van Harten family remains active in the company after the acquisition.