February 15 - South Korean equipment rental company Shinui Petra has added a MLC650 crawler crane from Manitowoc to its fleet.

Manitowoc says that the crane was selected due to its variable position counterweight (VPC) system, which allows for reduced ground preparation, ground-bearing pressure, space requirements and counterweight - all of which make the machine ideal for use in South Korea, where work sites are often heavily congested.

"The ability of this crawler crane to navigate with ease in highly congested job sites, coupled with its increased capacity for heavy lifts without traditional counterweight configurations, gives us a strong competitive advantage," said Choi Byung Eng, president and ceo of Shinui Petra.

Shinui Petra's new MLC650 has a 104 m main boom, to which a 30 m fixed jib can be added. The crane can also be fitted with a 101 m luffing jib, increasing the model's reach to 157 m.

The crawler was also ordered with Manitowoc's VPC-MAX attachment, which boosts the maximum capacity of the crane to 700 tonnes.

The MLC650 was used by Shinui Petra for the first time in the installation of concrete beams for the construction of an elevated road. For this project, the crane was rigged with 56 m of main boom, its VPC-MAX attachment and 400 tonnes of counterweight.