A floating pontoon that will be used to discharge freight ferry vessels at the Tilbury2 terminal at port of Tilbury, UK has been launched.

Measuring 55 m x 45 m, the pontoon will be used to discharge ro-ro vessels at the terminal, which is currently under construction. It was manufactured by Ravestein in Deest, the Netherlands and was launched earlier this month.

Finishing works are scheduled for completion by the end of October, when it will be towed with a link span bridge to the final installation site at the ro-ro terminal. 

Peter Ward, commercial director at the port of Tilbury, said: “The launch of the pontoon is a significant part of the creation of our new port Tilbury2 and we are pleased that the construction is on track for spring 2020. When operational, T2 will be the largest unaccompanied ro-ro terminal in the UK.”