Antwerp-based terminal operator Zuidnatie has placed an order for a Generation 6 Konecranes Gottwald mobile harbour crane.

Zuidnatie-crane order

Stéphanie Feys (Zuidnatie) and Alexandros Stogianidis (Konecranes).

The crane will be delivered to Zuidnatie’s Terminal Zuid after the summer and will enter operation on Quay 118 at the end of October.  

With a working radius of up to 49 m and a maximum capacity of 125 tonnes, it will be used to handle breakbulk, containers and general cargo. 

It uses the Konecranes hybrid drive, which consists of a modern diesel engine paired with an ultracapacitor that can be recharged by energy recovered from lowering and
braking motions. This gives the power needed for peak performance, while saving fuel on lighter loads. Prepared for an external power supply, the crane also offers the potential for even higher eco-efficiency when connected to the harbour mains.