The organisers of London International Shipping Week 2021 (LISW21) have confirmed that this year’s event will proceed as a mixture of in-person and virtual events.

LISW21 will take place from September 13-17. Recognising that there remains a risk that Covid-19 restrictions may still be in place/re-imposed, the event is being planned so gatherings can switch from in-person to virtual at relatively short notice.

John Hulmes, chair of the LISW21 steering committee, said: “I am delighted that LISW21 will go ahead in September and we are working on several strategies and scenarios to enable the event to deliver the valuable interactions which our delegates, sponsors and supporters expect, whatever restrictions may be in place at the time. And we will be reaching out to all stakeholders to talk them through the scenarios and to help them prepare for what will be an outstanding week of events.

“Our bespoke event portal and online presence will ensure that LISW21 will attract an even larger attendance than before as we attract both in-person and online delegates. In whichever format you join us, we will certainly make sure LISW21 delivers all you expect – even if it is without the hugs and handshakes.”