Sarens recently installed a 1,180-tonne boat lift on behalf of client Matière in La Ciotat, France.


From its yard in Belgium, Sarens deployed SPMTS, strand jacks, modular beams, and mobile cranes with lifting capacities of 100 and 200 tonnes each. 

40 trucks delivered the rigging gear and Sarens spent two weeks assembling the equipment in preparation for the lift. The boat lift itself measured 100 m x 23 m x 27 m; Sarens’ SPMTs carefully transported it 150 m, where it was then lowered 3 m into its final position.

“Throughout the operation, the challenge was keeping the configuration, consisting of SPMTs and the platform, completely horizontal. Because there was a 25 cm height difference between the assembly position and the final position, it was essential to ensure good communication between the SPMT operator and the rest of the crew, so that accurate instructions could be given,” said Sarens.