Having completed construction at Berg brewery’s beer garden in Ehingen, Germany, a mobile crane had to be retrieved from the site in what was a tricky lifting job.

Crane soars over beer garden at Berg brewery

Source: Liebherr

Neubrand Baugeschäft + Holzbau mobilised a Liebherr 28 K construction crane to assist in the expansion of a beer garden house at a brewery restaurant. A concrete wall was built on the construction site during the structural work, which prevented the 28 K from being easily removed. 

German firm ESB Kranverleih Transport und Hebetechnik was contracted to retrieve the crane. A narrow site and trees in close vicinity meant that a construction crane had to be lifted over treetops. A five-axle LTM 1130-5.1 was used for the job. 

The team assembled the mobile crane, which first dismantled the concrete ballast of the 28 K and then lifted in the travel axle, which was later attached to the construction crane. 

Then the more challenging part of dismantling the construction crane began. Once the boom had been folded in, the 28 K was attached to attachment points specifically designed for dismantling. The LTM 1130-5.1 carefully pulled up and the construction crane slowly lifted off the ground. The 28 K then had to be lifted over the tops of the surrounding trees. After a 180-degree turn, the mobile crane gently set the construction crane down on the site access road for removal.

The beer garden house will be unveiled to visitors for the first time at the Ulrichsfest, which takes place on July 6-8.