Mammoet has used Goldhofer PST/SL and THP/SL heavy-duty axle lines in a four-file combination to transport seven refinery reactors from Houston to an ethylene to alkylate plant located in Pasadena.


The cargoes had been shipped from Spain. The largest of the seven reactors weighed over 440 tonnes and measured approximately 60.9 m long.

To move the equipment, Mammoet deployed 48 of Goldhofer’s PST/SL and THP/SL axles with 300-tonne turntables. “We chose this configuration because the route imposed limits in terms of width and length with these approximately 60 m long vessels, and this is the most compact and flexible transport combination,” said Mammoet’s project manager Marcel Kooyman.

Goldhofer added: “Only in the case of two bridges did a third trailer have to be added. With such a long combination, it was possible to simply place it underneath the load at the belly of the vessel to better distribute the weight and avoid overloading the bridges. As a result, this mammoth transport was able to cover the 20 miles (32.2 km) to Pasadena without any major hassles and in the shortest possible time.”