JSL Global Qatar has coordinated the transport of a telescopic suction pipe from Bahrain to Doha, Qatar, on behalf of an alumina refinery company.

JSL handles suction pipe transport

Source: JSL Global

The assembled unit measured 21 m x 2.05 m x 2.4 m and weighed around 11 tonnes. The project involved road transport via Saudi Arabia.

Due to the size and weight of the cargo, specialised trailers measuring up to 22 m long were deployed for both the cross-country and in-country transports.

Challenges arose during the transportation process, notably obtaining permits for the Bahrain Causeway and undergoing X-ray scanning at the Saudi Arabian border due to the cargo’s length, JSL Global explained.

To meet the client’s time schedule, thorough planning was essential. Gate passes, escort approvals, and cross-loading plans were arranged precisely to ensure seamless movement and adherence to deadlines.

JSL Global is a member of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC).