Oregon-headquartered heavy transport engineering and rigging specialist Omega Morgan was on hand to install five air handling units at a Seattle high-rise development.


The building contractor needed an innovative solution to install the units. During the two-month planning process, Omega Morgan provided storage of the units. The air handling units were made of two sections, with the heaviest of each weighing 6,500 lbs (2.9 tonnes). Once the components arrived at Omega Morgan’s Fife warehouse, the company’s engineering team began solving the challenge of lifting and offloading the units into the building. 

Omega Morgan’s engineers designed a bespoke lifting platform and building modifications for safe receiving. Then its crane services team conducted test lifts to ensure the platform’s effectiveness and safety.

When it came to installation, a 350-tonne lifting capacity crane was positioned adjacent to the building in a car park, and installed units on the second, eighth, and tenth floors of the high rise. The job was finished the next day, with the Omega Morgan team installing units on the sixth and fourth floors, before performing the last lifts of several HVAC components onto the roof — a height of 175 ft (53.3 m).