Tschudi Logistics, in collaboration with United Heavy Lift (UHL) and United Engineering Solutions, is loading oversized bridge components aboard the heavy lift vessel UHL Falcon in the port of Seville, Spain.

The pylons, manufactured by Spain’s Tecade, are destined for the Hisingsbron bridge project in Gothenburg, Sweden. Once the loading and securing of the cargoes is finalised, UHL Falcon will begin the journey to Sweden, with a stop in Lindø, Denmark to load counterweights.

The Hisingsbron project involves the replacement of the old Göta Älv drawbridge in the centre of the city. Tecade was contracted to supply structures for the tram access viaduct, the metal support columns, pylons and the lifting span.

The project has already seen a number of heavy and oversized components move through the port of Seville, as HLPFI reported here.

To facilitate the assembly and transportation of the largest components for the project, the Seville Port Authority (APS) granted Tecade an administrative authorisation to operate a 1,512 sq m plot in the port.

Here, Tecade has direct access to the waterway to move structures measuring 45 m long, 37 m wide and up to 3 m high. Some components, according to the port, weighed 600 tonnes.