4D Supply Chain Consulting is now offering face-to-face training at its office in The Woodlands, Texas, USA.


Face-to-face training courses had been on hiatus as a result of pandemic-related lockdown restrictions. 4D is offering its two-day Letter of Credit Classroom Training course, which provides a solid foundation in the knowledge and application of Letter of Credit (LC) rules backed by real market case studies and scenarios.

The course runs on March 29-30 and more information can be seen here

The first day, on March 29, 2022, focuses on exporters insights to letter of credit. It covers: 

  • The international sale paid under a documentary LC 
  • A step-by-step process review – when and to what depth should an LC be discussed 
  • How Incoterms® 2020 affect your LC 
  • The process of utilising the LC to mitigate risk 
  • How to write a LC – what should go in it and what shouldn’t 
  • LC management and what every stakeholder should know.

The second day, March 30, 2022, is entitled ‘An exporter’s study in getting paid – how to create zero discrepancy LC documents at first presentation’. It covers: 

  • What needs to be on your documents and what doesn’t.  
  • Important rules that should never be broken 
  • Debunked “rules” that are can be the difference to a quick payment or delays or non-payment 
  • How to create ‘every’ document that any LC may require 
  • How to endorse negotiable documents properly 
  • How to address unreasonable LC document requirements
  • To identify potential unlawful document request