Radix Engineering and Software, in collaboration with a number of industry stakeholders, is developing a smart port digital growth plan for the port of Açu in Brazil.

In collaboration with HPC Hamburg Port Consulting, the University of Houston, and UTC Overseas, Radix is developing a technological platform of the port and its ecosystem with a focus on operations optimisation and new businesses that are technologically aligned. The five-to-ten-year plan includes proposals to digitise the different stages of the logistical process and attract new business.

Its master plan started with a benchmark on key ports worldwide, such as Antwerp, a strategic partner of the port of Açu. José Firmo, chairman at the port of Açu, said: “Large ports in the world, such as Antwerp, Rotterdam and Hamburg use different and excellent port and maritime traffic management tools, but few operate in the way that port of Açu operates, integrating these tools in the same environment. There is a worldwide demand for greater integration of port and navigation systems.”