September 15 - Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) has transported four skids, each weighing 35 tonnes and measuring 7.45 x 3.26 x 3.44 m, from Saxony to Berlin in Germany.

As well as the transport of the skids by road, AGL unloaded and installed the skids on their foundations inside the client's premises.

Jürgen Weyhausen, director of projects at AGL, explained that the transport to the Berlin site was the easiest part of the job.

"During a survey of the site in Berlin, we noticed that the area in front of the hall was very small for the unloading of the trucks. In addition it was also noted that it was not possible to move the skids inside of the hall using Teflon rollers due to the poor condition of the ground in front of the entrance," he said. 

Therefore, AGL decided to place two cranes - one 100-tonne capacity and one 70-tonne capacity model - for unloading and manoeuvre the lowbed trucks backwards into the hall.

The cranes then lifted the skids by a few centimetres so that the trucks could drive out of the hall from underneath. Finally the cargo was placed on the Teflon rollers and moved into its final position using a 25-tonne capacity forklift.

Weyhausen explained that there was only 3 cm of clearance between the crane boom and the roof, so the lifting had to be executed very carefully.

AGL is a member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) representing Germany, Russia and Mongolia.