September 10 - Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) has delivered 2,000 freight tonnes of equipment for a steel plant from Italy to Belarus by road.

The components - some of which weighed up to 60 tonnes each, with with widths of 5.85 m and lengths of up to 24 m - were transported from the Brescia region of Italy to a steel plant in Žlobin, covering a distance of 2,100 km. 

Jürgen Weyhausen, director of projects at AGL, explained that extendable trailers and six-axle lowbeds were used to transport the over-dimensional cargo, while 12 conventional tilt trucks were employed for the delivery of the remaining general cargo.

In addition to the trucking, AGL conducted an extensive road survey, as well as obtaining permits and Customs documentation.

Alexander Global Logistics is a member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) representing Germany, Russia and Mongolia.