December 15 - Global project cargo forwarder Ahlers has seen two key project movements through the quay sides of Singapore, both inbound and export from this island state, as well as number of smaller movements.

Rolling stock deliveries for the city's Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) subway system are halfway through scheduled delivery. On top of the 14 wagons already delivered, Ahlers is set to ship 24 further units of flat and well wagons. Each locomotive weighs 50 tonnes and has a length of 16 m while each wagon weighs 23 tonnes with a same length of 16 m (pictured below).

  Export traffic ex-Singapore handled by Ahlers saw a project consignment from Singapore to Sakhalin, Russia. The shipment of 30 inch pipes and 280 tonnes of tools, sailed from Singapore via Masan to Sakhalin. The movement was organised by Ahlers Singapore (pictured below).

At the same time, the company had to overcome a number of obstacles to move an oversized 'choke & kill' manifold from Singapore to Dalian in difficult conditions, including limited space for the crane at the factory, and the need to lower the height of shipment to pass under bridges.

Ahlers' chartering department also chartered Feederlines' multipurpose ship, Nordland to load and carry cranes and other oil well equipment from Singapore to Chittagong, India. The shipment was a consolidation of material for three different customers.