June 20 - Antwerp-based Ahlers Forwarding has seen some recent significant movements from Asia to developing markets, highlighting the growing importance of Asia to the global project cargo business.

Firstly, Ahlers China booked and executed a project movement from Shanghai, Longkou and Ba Yu Quan in China to Lobito, Angola. The 11,000 tonnes of bagged cement and 1,500 tonnes of railway equipment are destined for the Angola Bangla railway construction project of 2,000 km railway track in Angola.

Ahlers has also completed the handling of a major long term project of oversized cargo shipments from Shanghai, China to Minsk, Belarus for a thermal power plant. In all some 20,000 tonnes of freight and 143 containers were moved. A real challenge was the transportation of a dissembled crane; 27 vehicles were needed for this part of the shipment 

The company's chartering desk also won a bid for a shipment of three mobile cranes, counterweights and crane booms from Singapore to Chittagong, Bangladesh 

Meanwhile, Ahlers Delhi secured repeated containerised shipments after the successful handling of two transformers ex-works from Northern India to a landlocked destination in Niamey, Niger. The shipment was routed via Lome Port. After the successful shipment to Nimey, the customer awarded subsequent shipments to Durban, South Africa to Ahlers