December 17 - ALE claims to have transported the heaviest load ever moved in the Caspian region - a 280-tonne gas turbine - from Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan.

As part of ALE's recent expansion into the region, having opened a second branch office in Atyrau, Kazakhstan; the company was contracted to execute the land transport of the turbine from the Ersai yard in Kazakhstan to the Tashkent thermal power plant in Uzbekistan.

In order to comply with the ground load restrictions advised by the Kazakh and Uzbek governments, ALE used a configuration of three files of 22-axle trailers to transport the cargo a distance of 2,200 km through the Mangystau desert.

ALE's onsite engineering and management support provided ongoing assistance throughout the journey, including helping with bridge crossings, route modifications and transportation approvals, as well as liaising with the local authorities.

"This is the first transportation job that ALE has perfomed in the region from Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan," said regional operations manager for the Caspian region, Ali Yoldashov. The new office in Atyrau will mean the company is strategically placed to support projects in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, added Yoldashov.