February 24 - ALE has completed a year-long project for the Badra oilfield development project in Iraq, which involved the 660 km overland transport of 44 heavy and oversize units.

With weights of up to 230 tonnes and dimensions up to 48 m long, ALE claims that this is the largest cargo ever transported such a distance in Iraq.

Preparation for the project began back in 2013, with a route survey highlighting a number of challenges en route, such as 11 bridges that had to be passed, as well as other obstacles and potential disturbance to local communities.

After receiving the project cargo at the Port of Umm Qasr, ALE delivered the units in convoy over the course of 11 months, utilising a number of heavy-duty prime movers and 78 axle lines of conventional trailers.

The oilfield project will be developed in two phases, with ALE continuing to provide installation operations for the development, which is located 160 km southeast of Baghdad and extends across the border with Iran.