The Middle East has become a hub for project logistics with significant investments expected across major industry verticals. Leading this transformation is Saudi Arabia, driven by its Vision 2030 strategy to diversify its economy away from fossil fuels. Almajdouie Logistics is actively enhancing its capabilities to meet these demands.

Almajdouie enhances heavy transport capabilities alongside Vision 2030

Source: Almajdouie

Eyad Arafah, heavy transportation and project logistics director at Almajdouie Logistics, shared insights with HLPFI editor David Kershaw about the company’s recent investments and future plans. Arafah stated: “We are focused on expanding our capacity to serve the project market and align with Vision 2030. Our acquisition of Alatas last year was the first step, doubling our capacity to become the largest operator in the GCC. Additionally, we have procured 520 new, more efficient and environmentally friendly tractor heads, as well as 150 flatbed trailers to meet market demand.” 

Furthermore, Almajdouie has secured an additional 65,000 sq m of land around Jubail Industrial Port, which Arafah believes will significantly boost the company’s operations. 

“There is a surge in demand across all sectors, including oil and gas, steel, shipyards, wind and solar energy, as well as civil and tourism projects,” he noted. 

Arafah highlighted that Almajdouie holds a substantial share of the heavy transport market in Saudi Arabia. He emphasised the importance of maintaining a high utilisation rate and continually expanding its sales pipeline. 

In the oil and gas sector, the outlook is particularly promising. Saudi Aramco’s capital investments are on the rise, with USD49.7 billion spent in 2023, up from USD38.8 billion in 2022. Projections for this year range between USD48-58 billion, with even higher investments anticipated in 2025. While these funds will support various initiatives, the majority will be directed towards Saudi Arabia’s significant oil production target of 12 million barrels per day. Aramco has indicated that its capex plans account for a future where oil and gas remain vital components of the global energy mix, alongside new energy solutions. 

Almajdouie is also playing a key role in supporting Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning entertainment industry. Arafah expressed optimism about the opportunities leading up to Expo 2030 in Riyadh. The five-month event is expected to stimulate extensive development in civil infrastructure and facilities. Additionally, Saudi Arabia is set to host the FIFA World Cup in 2034, further highlighting the region’s growing logistical demands. 

Recently, Almajdouie transported a major piece of equipment for the Jafurah gas plant project. Moving the demethaniser column, which measured 67 m x 7 m x 6.82 m and weighed 381 tonnes, presented unique challenges. The company had to overcome tight turnings, overhead sign boards, road camera poles and bridges along the route from Zamil Steel in Dammam’s Second Industrial Area to the project site.sect 

Across the 200 km route, the company created 12 bypasses to avoid street furniture and removed concrete barricades along the Al Hassa Highway. It also successfully contraflowed against traffic, with the support of Highway Police and the Al Hassa traffic police, during the early hours of the morning.