June 13 - UAE based forwarder Freightworks has coordinated the transport of a compressor skid and associated equipment from Ukraine to Abu Dhabi on board the AN-225 freighter aircraft.

Six pieces of cargo, weighing a total of 155 tonnes, were loaded onto the six-engine aircraft, which has twice the wing area of a Boeing 747 aircraft. This was the AN-225's second journey to Abu Dhabi.

Freightworks - WACO System member for the UAE - contracted Freightwork Logistics in Abu Dhabi to handle services at Abu Dhabi International Airport, which involved arranging and undertaking the offloading of the cargo, as well as onward transportation to the final destination in Rumaitha.

"We have a dedicated project team in place for pre-planning the handling of such moves," said Andrew O'Donnell, director projects, removals and fine art at Freightworks. "This ensured smooth access airside for all equipment and personnel prior to plane arrival and a total of seven hours to offload the cargo."

A B747 aircraft was also chartered for the same project, delivering an additional 45 packages - weighing a total of 78 tonnes - to Abu Dhabi.