On June 10, the port of Antwerp is starting its second round of consultations on for companies that are interested in leasing a space in its NextGen District.

The 88-ha site, a former General Motors facility, is designated specifically for companies involved in the transition to a climate-neutral society and the circular economy. A shortlist has already been drawn up from companies who applied in the first round application process.

The port of Antwerp chose to reserve the site for uses such as research into low carbon technologies and experitments into renewable energy.

The current batch of applicants include Biondoil, a developer of second-generation biofuels; Laupat Industries, which converts car tyre waste into raw materials; developer and manufacturer of the next generation of lithium batteries for the automotive industry Novali; and Triple Helix’ Molecules as a Service (THX MaaS), for its project SurePUre – a pilot factory for the recycling of polyurethane foam and PET dishes.

Jacques Vandermeiren, ceo of Port of Antwerp, said: “The aim is for NextGen District to grow into a hub for innovation and cross-pollination in the circular economy, giving oxygen to the next generation. The selected candidates’ projects are a perfect reflection of our ambition: innovation, daring and circularity.”

The port of Antwerp is asking for any new candidates to submit project proposals by October 20, 2021.