The Australian federal government is commencing public consultation for an offshore wind development zone in the Illawarra. NSW Ports has welcomed the decision, as it positions itself as a hub to support offshore wind development projects.

Port Kembla's Outer Harbour concept plan.

Port Kembla’s Outer Harbour concept plan.

Located approximately 10 km of the New South Wales coastline and stretch across 1,461 sq m from Wombarra to Kiama, it would be the country’s fourth offshore wind development zone. It could host 4.2 GW of turbines.

NSW Ports ceo Marika Calfas said its facilities at Port Kembla will be essential for delivering offshore wind projects due to its ideal location. As HLPFI reported here, the port authority has already launched concept plans for a large-scale facility at Port Kembla’s Outer Harbour, which demonstrates how the port can be used to support the offshore wind sector in the coming years.

Calfas said NSW Ports’ Outer Harbour development plans will support the handling, set down and assembly of offshore wind components – as well as the load-out of the completed turbine units to the zoned location offshore.

“Delivering this type of major enabling infrastructure in time requires substantial and ongoing collaboration between all levels of government, private enterprise, industry and the community. We have been engaging with several offshore wind proponents in recent months to inform the development of our designs,” she said.