June 2 - Air Charter Service (ACS) has arranged a charter to fly three orphaned bear cubs from Georgia to a specialist sanctuary in Greece.

The female cubs, who are sisters, were found wandering the streets of Tbilisi, following the devastating floods in the country last year and have been kept in the city's dog pound since.

"The bears, Georgia, Mollie and Louisa, have been kept in completely unsuitable conditions for the past few months, but a charitable appeal by our client has resulted in the funds needed to help move them to the specialist Arcturos Bear Sanctuary in northern Greece," said Justin Lancaster, group commercial director of ACS.

"A lot of the work we do is moving essential cargo for industry but, every now and then, we get to be involved in a heart-warming tale such as this, and I am pleased to say that they arrived safely."

The bears travelled on a Metro III aircraft with veterinary staff on board to tend to the animals.

ACS has also recently arranged a charter to help relocate two dolphins from Harderwijk Dolphinarium in the Netherlands to their new home in the Canary Islands.

The animals were carefully transported on an AN-74 aircraft with qualified vets in attendance at Maastricht Airport and on board during the flight.

The dolphin duo - Sting and Makai - were flown into Las Palmas Airport, from where they were transported to Palmitos Park, a botanical zoo on the island with a large dolphinarium.

James Fitzgerald
, director of ACS Spain, explained: "A lot of careful planning was needed to ensure that the dolphins were comfortable, yet secure and safe on board the aircraft.

"The total transit time was not to exceed twelve hours, so we positioned the aircraft early, before they set off from their previous home. Whilst on board we regulated the cabin pressure in order to avoid any potential sickness or distress to be caused by the altitude."