September 11 - Blue Water Singapore has transported heavy and bulky rig columns and bracings for a semi-submersible rig from Singapore to Baku, Azerbaijan via the Russian river system.

Hansa Heavy Lift vessel HHL Lagos was loaded with four upper and four lower columns and bracings in Singapore, before being shipped to Georgia, where the cargo was unloaded at the port of Batumi.

Florian Pinz, project manager at Blue Water Singapore, explained that the cargo was then loaded onto chartered barges, for delivery through the Russian river system and into the Caspian Sea.

"Some of the columns weighed up to 400 tonnes, and were over 11 m high," added Pinz.

The project involved Blue Water's offices in Singapore, Denmark, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

"It is extremely important that you have local expertise in your team, when heavy items are passing through a narrow river," said Pinz.