February 26 - Broshuis has unveiled its latest innovation - the SL2 low loader trailer series.

The SL2 has 360 mm of stroke, which Broshuis says is important for low loaders when jacking up heavy loads, riding on and off ro-ro vessels and driving over hills and roundabouts.

As well as more stroke, Broshuis says that the SL2 trailer has more ground clearance compared with a pendle axle semi low loader at maximum suspension.

The beam of the SL2 is also lower than a pendle axle semi low loader, meaning that the SL2 has more remaining ground clearance with less stroke and retains a lower tare weight, explained the manufacturer. The maximum ground clearance is 720 mm.

Broshuis has also developed the SL2's steering system, meaning that it is now possible to control the left and right steering independently. Broshuis adds that this means the negative impact of having steering rods at different ride heights is no longer an issue.

The new trailer also has low maintenance costs, claims Broshuis, with universally available materials and equipment. The new model also benefits from the previous SL trailer features, including effective load-carrying capacity, good stability, low tare weight and a large steering angle.