February 1 - Singapore-based project cargo ship broker Carriage Global organised the movement of a single buoy mooring, plem, and accessories on a significant shipment at the beginning of January.

The buoy was 350 tonnes in weight, 17.3 m in diameter, 12.30m high (pictured below). It was moved by the broker, a member of the WCA Projects Network (WCAPN), from China to East Africa.

Heavy lift chains involved in the shipment were moved from Huangpu, China and the buoy, plem, and accessories were moved from Dalian on the same vessel, Atlant Svenja.

Carriage Global worked with the client, engineers, suppliers and owner on the engineering, loading, liftingplan, and sea fastening. The final destination of the shipment is Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Loading was undertaken during December and January in the face of temperatures in Dalian as low as minus 7 Deg Celsius. Carriage Global was faced with last-minute changes of plan by the client but these were successfully dealt with.

Carriage Global is an international project cargo broker with a head office in Singapore and offices and agents in Shanghai, Liayungang, Tianjin, China; Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE; Australia; Germany; St Petersburg, Russia; and the UK.