February 14 - Chapman Freeborn Airchartering has completed a major airlift project brought about by the recent unrest in Tunisia.

The country is host to a large number of automotive plants and is a major exporter of wire and cable harnesses used in the European production process - with delivery based on the "just-in-time" principle.

With scheduled sea and air transportation brought to a standstill last month, Chapman Freeborn was called in to move over 600 tonnes of urgent automotive cargo from Tunisia to Linz in Austria to help keep production lines running.

The flights were conducted on two Russian-built IL-76 freighters drafted in to form an airbridge with up to 45 tonnes of freight transported on each rotation. From Linz cargo was distributed onwards to assembly plants across Europe.

The successful operation highlighted Chapman Freeborn's close working relationships with operators and airport authorities worldwide. Challenges overcome included working around tight curfews imposed in Tunisia.

Stefan Kohlmann, managing director at Chapman Freeborn Germany stated: "Chapman Freeborn has been performing charters in emergency situations for nearly 40 years and this well-executed airlift highlights how we assist our clients in the automotive industry to protect their international supply chains from external influences."