August 19 - D

The entire consignment weighed 12,000 tonnes and included five heavy pieces weighing between 200 and 230 tonnes. Multiple units measured between 50 and 100 tonnes.
The heavy lifts were completed at the Rhine river port of Krefeld and transported by barge to Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The units were reloaded on to sea-river vessels and shipped via St. Petersburg on the North Russian waterways Volga and Moskva to the Moscow North river port.
Upon arrival at the Russian capital, Dako Worldwide used a 500-tonne capacity floating crane to discharge the shipment onto heavy-duty 18-axle hydraulic trailers for delivery to the final jobsite, 70 km outside of the city. In order to pass bridges along the route, Dako Worldwide had to add six additional axle lines to the trailers in order to spread the load and reduce the force set upon the bridge.
At one point the road had to be lowered in order to pass under a bridge. En route, overhead power lines and trolley bus lines had to be disconnected and lifted to allow the consignment to pass.
Dako Worldwide, jointly with its sister company Zao Dakotrans, is also responsible for the complicated erection of the heavy machinery at the final factory site. A tower lift system with a capacity of 1,000 tonnes and other specialised equipment has been brought to Russia on a temporary basis. Dako expects to complete the project in September 2013.