March 2 - Dan-Czech Specialtransport has delivered two adjusters, weighing 155 tonnes each, from Sviadnov to the river port of Melnik in Czech Republic, for final shipment to Schiedam in the Netherlands.

Dan-Czech first moved the adjusters by road from Sviadnov to Melnik in two separate convoys, which measured 59 m x 5.3 m x 5.4 m and 57 m x 5.3 m x 5.4 m respectively.

Due to the Czech authorities and police escorts not allowing the units to be moved in convoy, Dan-Czech explained that the second movement began 24 hours after the first transport.

The haulier was also required to conduct a complex route survey due to a number of bridges with height and weight limits en route.

On arrival at the river port of Melnik, the adjusters were loaded onto a barge for shipment to Schiedam.