November 18 - Donbasstransitservice, based in Mariupol, Ukraine, has arranged the transportation of 830 tonnes of oil refinery equipment from Novorossiysk to Astrakhan in Russia.

The cargo, of which the heaviest unit was 176 tonnes with the dimensions 22.1 m x 6.3 m x 10.1 m, was discharged by the vessel's cranes directly onto Donbasstransitservice's own barge, the TMI-4 pontoon, which was designed by Digital Marine Technology.

The TMI-4 pontoons, which have a deadweight of 2,500 tonnes, a length of 90.35 m and a 16.5 m long beam, are intended for the carriage of heavy and over dimensional cargoes, as well as vehicles, trailers and containers, from the port of departure to that of destination.

Donbasstransitservice is a member of the Global Project Logistics Network (GPLN).