October 12 - Fairstar Heavy Transport has been awarded a transportation contract by Van Oord Ship Management following last week's contract win from Fugro Seacore.

The Fairstar semi-submersible vessel FJELL will sail to the Sakhalin peninsula in Russia to load a cargo of split hopper barges, a cutter suction dredger and other related dredging equipment. FJELL will sail to Sakhalin immediately after discharging the Fugro Seacore's Eunsung 1200 rig in Dampier.

Judith van den Dood, a member of the Client Services Team at Fairstar stated: "This is our first opportunity to work for Van Oord, one of the world's leading Marine Contractors. Safely moving its valuable dredging assets out of Sakhalin before winter ice sets in will require (careful) planning and preparation. Weather risk in colder climates adds an additional dimension of complexity to this project. 

The total contract value is USD 1.9 million. The transit time is 12 days from Sakhalin to Singapore. 

Last week saw Fairstar win a contract by Fugro Seacore Ltd to transport the Eunsung 1200 from Brisbane, Australia to Dampier aboard Fairstar semi-submersible vessel FJELL. The contract is valued at USD 1.1 million.