November 28 - Following its recent AGM, the Famous Pacific Shipping Group has resolved to increase membership of the worldwide network of forwarders in specific geographical areas, to further strengthen the group's claims to be a leading player in the glo

The Asia-based NVOCC and freight forwarding network's senior management team played to the group's strengths in highlighting its ability to draw on the expertise of each member company in its own country and market to provide global supply chain services to clients of the group both large and small. The group's deliberate avoidance of a 'one size fits all' approach means that clients, wherever they are in the world, get the right service for them.

New member companies of the FPS network were welcomed at the AGM, which also provided invaluable networking opportunities. These welcomes chimed with the meeting's ambition that 2012 will be the year the Group focuses on developing its reach even further than it is currently extended. A special task will be to recruit new member companies in global markets that are growing, which represent great opportunities for the FPS network to acquire good business opportunities but in turn also assist these areas grow through providing strategic international freight services to gain export business.

The main areas that will be the target of FPS network expansion include the former Soviet bloc countries in East and Central Europe, areas of Scandinavia, many African regions, as well as North and South America.

In order to cement these expansion ambitions, the FPS network is actively seeking full co-operation agreements with strong and active NVOCCs and freight forwarders in these areas. Interested freight forwarders in these locales who may wish to enter into an agreement with the FPS Group or even join the Group, are invited to communicate with the Group Secretariat in Hong Kong at the earliest opportunity. 

Potential members may benefit from gaining valuable territorial exclusivity in cities and regions as well as access to the Group's edi/track and trace programmes. 

The AGM, being held 12 years after the inaugural meeting of the network in Rotterdam in 1999, saw many new agents who have joined the Group in the last year introduce themselves. These included new general agents from Bulgaria, Brazil, Uruguay, Italy, Colombia and Pakistan. This brings membership of the Group up to 28 companies from 19 countries under the instantly recognisable FPS Banner.