March 23 - Silvasti Heavy has transported a 138-tonne transformer from the Kalajoki substation to an expanded substation next to the Vajukoski hydropower plant in Sodankylä, Finland.

As well as the loading of the transformer onto a trailer at Kalajoki and its subsequent 500 km transport by road, Silvasti was also responsible for installing the unit at the new substation.

Due to the weight and size of the transformer, Silvasti explained that there were a number of challenges en route, including bridges with weight limits. The haulier was also required to drive against the traffic on the motorway, accompanied by police escorts.

In addition to travelling through a number of busy towns, the transport combination also has to pass over a major railway line, which involved temporarily cutting the power and removing railway power cables. This required the transport to be timed particularly well in order to coincide with the national rail schedule, said Silvasti.

The Finnish company was also tasked with temporarily removing a number of overhead traffic signs and electricity cables en route.

In September last year, Silvasti acquired the specialised transport division of Nurminen Logistics - Nurminen Logistics Heavy.

Silvasti is a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network in Finland.