December 12 - Volga-Dnepr Airlines, the Russian-based oversize and heavy cargo specialist, has transported more the 300 tonnes of gold mining equipment between Ostrava, Czech Republic and Nairobi, Kenya.

The machinery touched down in Kenya onboard three AN-124-100 freighters.

The aircraft transported large 'semi-rings' used in the gold mining process, each one weighing 50 tonnes.

The airline says that the cargo required extremely precise loading and unloading, as the clearance on either side of the AN-124's hold was only 77 mm. A specialised frame had to be constructed in order to safely distribute the load over the aircraft's cargo floor.

Alexey Soshnikov, head of loading/unloading equipment design & support section, Volga Dnepr, stated: "The nature of our outsize and heavyweight air cargo business means there are no standard loading procedures for these types of cargo so every shipment is deemed to be unique and relies on the expertise of our planning and loading teams."