November 25 - Interfracht Air Sea Land Service has handled the transport of four 800-tonne reactors from Japan to Belarus.

The reactors, which measured 50 m x 7.2 m x 5.5 m, were shipped 17,500 km from Japan to the Ukrainian Black Sea port of Kherson on board SAL's heavy lift vessel Trina, before being transported to Mozyr in Belarus, via Ukraine's Dnieper River.

Tobias Karrasch, managing director at Interfracht Hamburg, and Kazuhiro Furukawa, general manager at Interfracht Japan, explained that four special barges, a 10 km heavy-duty road and loading pier were designed and built exclusively for this movement.

The barges, which were constructed by Marine Digital, were towed along the river from Kherson to the landing stage. However, heavy storms resulted in flooding at the destination site, which required a protective dam to be built around the landing stage.

From the landing stage, the cargo was transported to its final destination by road using 64 axles of SPMTs.

Interfracht Air Sea Land Service is a member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) representing Germany and Japan.