May 12 - A Menck hydraulic pile-driving hammer has been transhipped at Wallmann & Co's terminal in the Port of Hamburg, read for delivery to the Burbo Bank wind farm off the coast of Liverpool, UK.

The main components of the hydraulic hammer were transported by land and sea to the Wallmann terminal in Hamburg for final assembly and loading onto the multipurpose vessel Abis Belfast, using the terminal's own cranes.

Due to the huge size of the assembled unit, Menck was required to load the hammer in pieces weighing up to 340 tonnes onto the ship. Once assembled, the hammer stands at over 25 m high with a total weight of 584 tonnes.

The hydraulic hammer will be used to drive monopiles into the seabed for the wind turbines being erected at the offshore wind farm. These piles will act as the support structure, ensuring that all units are firmly secured in the sea.