March 18 - Member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) in Germany, Intertransport Gruber has completed the shipment of a number of crates from Taiwan to Germany.

The crates, which ranged in weight from 1 to 17.6 tonnes, were loaded onto flatrack containers in Taiwan ready for shipment to the Port of Hamburg, where they were offloaded and transported overland to a production site in Immenhausen.


Meanwhile PCN member in Iran, Aryamasir International Transport completed the transport of various industrial vehicles, including a tractor, forklift and a number of trucks, from Bandar Abbas to Turkmenistan.

The cargo arrived in flatrack containers at the port of Bandar Abbas, where Aryamasir unloaded it onto lowbed trailers for the long overland journey to Turkmenbashi.