June 1 - Hellmann Worldwide Logistics' project cargo team in Spain has coordinated the delivery of a 116-tonne transformer from the Port of Vigo to Chile.

The scope of Hellmann's work involved organising the shipment of the transformer, which measured 8.5 m x 3.17 m x 4.6 m, by sea, onboard BBC Chartering's vessel BBC Louisiana, as well as overland transport in Chile and jacking of the unit onto foundations at the destination.

Hellmann explained that the main challenge of the operation involved the inland transportation in Chile due to the height of the transformer and 4.5 m height limits of bridges and electricity cables en route.

The logistics provider was required to undertake a detailed route survey between San Antonio port - where the cargo was being unloaded - and the final substation, which was around 230 km away.

Hellmann established its own project cargo team in Spain in January of this year to focus on industrial projects within the region, said a company spokesperson.