May 5 - High Logistics has shipped crane parts back to the USA from Lithuania on a Hapag-Lloyd ship after the machine was used in the disassembly of the Ignalina nuclear power plant.

High Logistics was also responsible for delivering the crane components to the Port of Klaipeda from Chicago when the decommissioning project began.

The scope of High Logistics' work included loading the equipment in containers and flatracks for shipment to Lithuania, Customs clearance at the Port of Klaipeda, delivery to the jobsite, packing and fumigation, and the return shipment to the USA.

The company also handled the sorting and labelling of the cargo according to ATA Carnets and the closing of the five ATA Carnets, which it says was the biggest challenge of the project.

High Logistics is a member of the XLProjects (XLP) network.