Huisman will supply cranes and installation tools for Cadeler’s A-class vessels.

Huisman - a rendering of Cadeler's A-class installation vessel

A rendering of Cadeler’s A-class installation vessel.

Huisman landed a contract from COSCO for a 3,000-tonne lift capacity leg encircling crane, plus a 40-tonne pedestal mounted crane, which will be installed aboard Cadeler’s latest A-class vessel.

Separately, Huisman was awarded a contract by Cadeler to deliver a monopile storage and upending system for another A-class jack-up vessel Wind Ally. Huisman will also deliver the monopile gripper, main crane and auxiliary crane for this vessel.

The monopile storage system will allow Cadeler to transport up to five monopiles, each up to 12.5 m in diameter, in one trip. The upending frame supports monopiles ranging from 80-120 m in length.

David Roodenburg, ceo of Huisman, said of the expanding partnership with COSCO and Cadeler: “Our track record in designing and building cranes for the F, M, and P-class vessels has now culminated in these exciting projects for the A-class. These vessels will be designed to reduce project transits and enhance operational efficiency. By providing them with our lightweight and compact equipment, we aim to contribute to their advanced design and effectiveness.”

In April 2024, Ørsted signed a long-term lease agreement for one of Cadeler’s newbuild A-class installation vessels. The agreement secures installation capacity from the first quarter of 2027 to the end of 2030.