February 23 - In Pancevo, Serbia, Russia's JSC Transafe Logistics has worked with Belgium's Sarens Group on a hydrocracker/hydrotreater modernisation and construction project for NIS Petroleum Industry.

JSC Transafe says that the installation of the equipment has been a serious challenge in the overall modernisation of NIS refinery in Pancevo, with the two new reactor columns weighing in at 485 tonnes and 530 tonnes respectively; and measuring 24 and 34 m in length.

The overall project required berth strengthening on the Danube river as well as a bridge on route to refinery. The two companies worked together to unload, transport, lift and install more than 55 items of equipment, 
and utilised LR1750 and CC2400-1 crawler cranes, as well as two x 12 axle lines SPMTs.

Although the lifting and installation process of the last few units is still under way, the most complicated aspect of the project has been performed successfully.

The completion of construction of the hydrocracking and hydrotreating plants by the end of 2012 will allow NIS to completely transform its production and start producing fuels in compliance with the Euro 5 quality