March 7 - Lithuania's Jurtransa worked with partners from Finland and Poland to manage the transportation of 34 modules (produced by CMEC, China) from Klaipeda, Lithuania to two power stations in Novolukoml and Beooozersk in Belorussia.

Each of the modules weighed over 120 tones and was approximately 25.9 x 3.65 x 3.83 m in dimensions; whilst the overall weight of each of the loaded trucks was about 187 tonnes.

In total there were 12 transports (one per week) from September till December 2012 with the distance travelled from Klaipeda port to the destinations being about 800 and 1,100 km respectively.

The other partners involved were Finland's Nurminen and MTD Skuratowicz from Poland which provided the heavy haulage vehicles and pilot cars respectively.