March 29 - Bolloré Logistics has been awarded a contract by Vestas to provide project logistics services for the Lake Turkana wind power plant in Kenya.

As part of the contract, Bolloré will organise Customs and regulatory compliance, as well as handle and transport oversize components for 365 wind turbines from the Port of Mombasa over 1,220 km to the plant in Loiyangalani. Marsabit County.

With the first shipment of components already discharged, Bolloré says that it has invested in additional specialised equipment in order to handle the huge delivery.

By the end of the project, Bolloré expects to have moved 161,000 freight tonnes of cargo in 1,376 truckloads, of which 730 are out-of-gauge.

The project will supply an additional 310 MW of power to Kenya's national supply grid, and on completion is set to become Africa's largest wind power plant, according to Bolloré.