March 4 - German logistics service provider Lando Eurasia has coordinated the transport of eight concrete modules from Thüringen to Aachen for use in the construction of a new building wing at a local hospital.

In order to install two magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) machines at the hospital, a new building-wing had to be built from at the inner courtyard of the hospital.

The modules were loaded onto a truck and trailer combination, which weighed a total of 65 tonnes and measured 30.5 m x 5.6 m x 4.55 m, for delivery to a hospital in Aachen, where a new building was being constructed to house the two MRT units.

Since there was no appropriate entrance for the abnormal load at the hospital, Lando explained that a 750-tonne capacity mobile crane was used to lift the modules over the hospital roof and into the inner courtyard.

The ground also had to be stabilised under the crane, which involved constructing a 5 m deep concrete foundation.

The overland transport also involved the removal of street obstacles and road signs, cutting of trees and temporary road closures, said Lando.