March 14 - SAL Heavy Lift is currently engaged in the North Deck project for the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, which sees the German heavy lift line tasked with delivering a 10,000 sq m luxury platform from Finland.

Jumeirah Group - the company behind the world-famous hotel - contracted Admares to develop the huge structure, which will be installed on piles outside the hotel. The development will include bars, pools and other luxury facilities that stretch out into the Arabian Gulf.

The North Deck was manufactured in six sections in Rauma and SAL Heavy Lift was brought in to provide a solution for the shipment of the oversize components.

The largest section has a length of 79 m and measures 35 m wide. The remaining pieces ranged in length from 41 m to 62 m, with widths from 24m to 44 m. The modules ranged in weight from 415 tonnes to 740 tonnes.

Svenja was mobilised to complete the transportation leg of the project. Loading operations took place during December 2015, when the temperature hit a low of -28ºC.

A heavy-duty lifting beam measuring 26 m long was required to safely lift the sections onto the deck of Svenja. Despite the ships large, unobstructed deck space, the North Deck sections overhung by 16 m. In total, the six North Deck modules plus two land bridges were stacked on deck. Additionally, 24 cabanas with a combined weight of 3,500 tonnes were loaded in the ship's hold.

Svenja is now discharging the cargoes in Dubai.