May 31 - Mammoet has installed a new 10,000 sq m private luxury pool deck for the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, which was shipped from Finland to the UAE by SAL Heavy Lift's vessel Svenja earlier this year.

HLPFI reported on March 14 that SAL had loaded and shipped the luxury deck, which was manufactured by Admares in Rauma in six sections, ranging in weight from 415 to 740 tonnes. The consignment also included two bridge sections.

Once the eight oversize units had arrived at Dubai's Port Rashid, Mammoet discharged the cargo from the vessel and loaded the sections onto three barges for towage to the Burj Al Arab.

The sections measured up to 79 m by 35 m, which resulted in an overhang on the barges of up to 25 m and required careful and precise handling of the tug boats, explained Mammoet.

On arrival at the hotel site, the six large sections were installed on 90 foundation piles using a 2,000-tonne capacity sheerleg connected to a large crane barge. The barge was controlled using a dynamic positioning system, which Mammoet says ensured a precise installation operation.