April 13 - Mammoet has helped to develop a bespoke jetty near the site of the Jizan refinery in Saudi Arabia to assist with the delivery of over 100 heavy and out-of-gauge cargoes for the project.

The refinery and terminal, which is being constructed by Saudi Aramco, is located in southwest Saudi Arabia in a remote area close to the Red Sea and Yemeni border.

Cargoes would normally have been shipped to the existing Jizan port, but Mammoet explained that the 100 km route between port and project site features a number of logistical bottlenecks for large and heavy loads, including electricity cables that require lifting and bridges with insufficient weight bearing capacities.

In order to avoid these challenges, Mammoet assisted with the design of a bespoke jetty capable of coping with the size and weight of the 100 components it is delivering to the site. Mammoet also provided technical information for the design of a road between the jetty and the refinery site.

The first components were delivered to site using the new jetty in October 2015, with more arriving regularly since then, including two components weighing over 1,000 tonnes.

Scheduled to begin operations in 2017, the Jizan refinery will have the capacity to process 400,000 bpd of oil. It will also be equipped with a new port and a 4 GW combined cycle power plant, providing power to local companies and communities.

Mammoet will be working on the project throughout 2016, receiving and delivering oversize cargo for various parts of the Jizan refinery complex.

Mammoet transports a 814-tonne reactor to the refinery site using SPMTs.